Hand Made Bespoke Wooden Chainsaw Carving Prices

Each of our chainsaw carved wooden sculptures are one of a kind and can be made bespoke to your requirements in terms of height of Owl or Bear, base height, style, sign etc.

We base the price of each sculpture off £120 per foot in height.  Most of our wooden carvings are around 2-3ft in height and has varying levels of complexity.

Contact us for our most up to date list of available Owls & Bears.  Below is a few examples of our sculptures and prices.

wooden bear carvings

Treated 18" Owl


Treated & Varnished Hare


Treated & Varnished 36" Owl


Treated & Varnished Bear


Price List

Here is a price list that we use to base our prices off.  Depending on the complexity of the carving these prices can change, or if you’re after a bespoke carving contact us for an exact quote. 


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